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What to Expect From NDIS Plan Managers

The NDIA or National Disability Insurance Agency has been expanding and has been making sure to cover each and every Australian citizen with disability. Being able to manage your funding is a must if you are planning to become a participant.

Some people think that being approved for funding is all that it takes for the long process to be met, but this is not only it. For you to be able to have access to all supports that you need minus the stress as well as use your allocated funding carefully, funding management becomes the most essential. If plan management is done right, your NDIS funding must be able to help you achieve your goals, enhance your life, and remove any barriers to your participation. However, you can expect to be facing some time and extra administration issues.

When doing NDIS planning, you will often be set a funding management service as provided by the agency. What this means then is that the NDIA will take on the responsibility of paying the organizations and people that will be providing you the services that you need. Such service providers should be listed down as one of the providers from the approved list from the NDIA and be able to meet with the criteria for pricing even if they are with agency management. And yet, there are some reasons that would make this kind of set-up not so ideal among NDIA participants. Firstly, you might not have in your locality some service providers who are registered accordingly. Second, you may already be working with someone who knows your history, that you like, and that you are comfortable with. And of course, even if you already have a service provider in mind that is just right for you, they might not be considered a good option as they are beyond the price guide that has been set.

This is where plan management comes into the picture. It is a combination of agency management and self-management where someone will file and pay for your invoices and will take care of your paperwork while making sure that you are still given the flexibility and choice. For the NDIS plan manager that you hire, the NDIS will be taking charge of the funding. What makes plan management stand out better from the other management options will have to be the fact that such services are like those you get from NDIS funding. You just have to remember that it is categorized as ‘improved life choices.’ Just think of it this way, having to hire NDIS plan managers will just be covered and will not affect your budget in different areas. Compared with getting funding from the organization where you must prove how much you need the services, with a plan manager, you just ask for it.

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