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Is Selling Test Strips Possible?

Patients with diabetes should be observed intently as it is a serious disease. Therefore, this means that every patient should have a strip at all times so they can test for their sugar levels. When beginning this journey towards keeping healthy, most patients buy or are given, very many strips of different brands. After some time using them, the vast majority incline toward one brand over others, and the others will stay there with no utilization. The test strips have a very short shelf life, meaning that you have to get rid of them before they spoil. Sometimes we are even forced to throw away boxes of very good test strips into the garbage. These strips are quite expensive, and there are some diabetics out there who cannot afford to buy them. Some organizations help by giving them what they need, and you could also chip in to help them with your extra boxes.

The main reasons for boxes of test strips piling up are that diabetics know their importance, and they know that they may run out of them, so they buy more than they actually need. This could also be caused by several other reasons. Maybe you changed the brand of the strips that you use, and the old ones still remain. Also, you may have been testing while pregnant, and now that you have delivered, you need not test for your blood sugar. Or maybe it was a loved one that was sick, and they have passed away or moved into a facility that provides the strips for them. In all of these scenarios, you will be left with a ton of test strips and nowhere to use them. If you are the legal owner of the strips, then selling them is not against the law. There are no prescriptions required for one to have the capacity to purchase these strips, so offering them ought to be a simple assignment. Even if the boxes say that they are not for retail, this should not deter you because it only means that a retailer cannot sell them. Despite this, several things may make selling them a bit difficult. There are some brands that will not be on demand and you will not be able to sell them. Also, boxes that are expired or damaged or not sealed will not be bought.

There are some dealers that do all the work for all involved. They buy the extra boxes of test strips from those who have more and then sold them to those who really need them. This is a good scenario as everyone will have benefited. You will receive extra money, someone in need will get a testing strip, and the dealer will get some commission. Choose the dealer you work with carefully so that you avoid scams. Offer those additional testing strips so you may help somebody somewhere.

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